Let my fingerprint types password again

Maybe you don’t know my pain for password typing, even when I got a Mac with TouchID (http://www.martinpham.com/why-i-still-have-to-type-password-apple/). Well, but now it’s the past! I’m happy to update my pet – ZUnlocker to new version, with ability to type password anywhere with TouchID


Simple like it was, it will add itself to Control Strip area

First, you will need to config your password by click ZUnlocker menu, and choose Set Password

The password will be encrypted carefully and saved on your Mac.

Now every time you want to type your password, just tap the Fingerprint icon on Control Strip

Mac will ask for your fingerprint, and when you touch the correct finger, password will be typed automatically.

Yay, let’s forget the password again 🙂

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