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SmartContract UI – A quick and easy way to interact with blockchain’s data

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    By Martin Pham
  • Post Date
    Thu Dec 30 2021

Following my Blockchain’s development workflow, today, I’m proud to release the first version of SmartContract UI – a quick and easy way to interact with blockchain’s data! TLDR: You can try it here –, feel free to check and build it for yourself from here –

Managing an open source project really takes a lot of efforts. There are many repeated tasks which wastes your time everywhere: Testing, Building, Releasing, … and sometimes, you’d also want to update your followers with the new released version. Fortunately, Github actions & workflows came to rescue! With tons of available actions, we can automate […]


2020 is terrible, really terrible. Coronavirus pandemic, George Floyd, BLM, Beirut explosion, … We’ve decided to stay at home this summer holiday, since we really don’t want any bad thing happens to our kids.

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