I’m so happy with my new Touch Bar right now. Now I can rate songs, see song’s name, control iTunes, and also change volume, brightness right on my Touch Bar, just 1 step, no-submenu-no-shit.

But soon I realized, I don’t have an Esc button!

Well, it’s a bit stupid when you don’t have Esc button. Although you can still call it with Fn button

I decided to do some more reverse engineerings into Apple’s stuffs, and nothing about Display the Esc button on Touch Bar, instead of the sick-(x)-button.

But .. Hey, since the default Touch Bar layout sucks. Totally useless buttons on the left side (App Control), and limited buttons on the right side (Control Strip), I swear you will never bother with App Control buttons. So Why not redesign ALL the Touchbar layout?

Quickly I found an interesting API

+ (void)presentSystemModalFunctionBar: (id)arg1 placement: (long long)arg2 systemTrayItemIdentifier: (id)arg3;

With placement = 0, your Touch Bar will live along with others. But with placement = 1, guess? Your Touch Bar replace everything and become the only view! Like only you on this planet 😉

My Esc button came back!! ♥️♥️♥️

But of course, I don’t want to miss the Touch Bar of other apps (TouchBar Piano is one of my favorite). Well, I’m gonna add app filter, so my new awesome Touch Bar only shows on whitelisted apps.