Get macOS Big Sur from Apple CDN

TLDR: Open Terminal and run this command

curl -H "Host:" -o InstallAssistant.pkg

After downloading, you can locate the downloaded file by this command

open .

You will see InstallAssistant.pkg file, just run it to begin the installation.

I’ve downloaded, it’s 12182587199 bytes, MD5 hash 0030d26c6e5d01b7aa10a91b044d6ca7

After installing the downloaded package file, you can open System Preferences > Software Update and click Upgrade Now

To make the USB Installer, you can find the Install macOS Big inside /Applications. Or use to extract the files from InstallAssistant.pkg

Basically the Software Update wants to download InstallAssistant.pkg from Apple CDN, but probably their CDN network has problems. So I’ve tried all the Apple CDN IPs and get one server working –

All CDN IPs are:


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  1. It was coming down too slow for me, so… and sorry
    my brain is too fried to make this proper script. 12 tabs, 12 copy pastes and finally when all done, run the cat command at the end:

    curl –range 0-999999999 -o ia.part1 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 1000000000-1999999999 -o ia.part2 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 2000000000-2999999999 -o ia.part3 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 3000000000-3999999999 -o ia.part4 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 4000000000-4999999999 -o ia.part5 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 5000000000-5999999999 -o ia.part6 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 6000000000-6999999999 -o ia.part7 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 7000000000-7999999999 -o ia.part8 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 8000000000-8999999999 -o ia.part9 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 9000000000-9999999999 -o ia.part10 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 10000000000-10999999999 -o ia.part11 -H “Host:”

    curl –range 11000000000- -o ia.part12 -H “Host:”

    cat ia.part? > InstallAssistant.pkg

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