A very lazy and useless developer, who never finished his tasks on time. When there is a problem, before trying to solve it, he always tried to blame someone else or something like it’s raining, it’s too hot, Redbull is finished, blah blah…
A terrible team leader, who could not manage his team, never helped his developers. Under his management, people always have nothing to do or have a lot of things to be done in a ridiculous delivery time.
A horrible and selfish colleague, who never care about the others. He loves to laugh at junior developers, wastes hours and hours every day to say bad things about the boss.

Well, if you are looking for the guy above, then probably you are in the wrong place, because I really don’t know where he lives on this planet 🙂

With +15 years working in the Software industry, I was working very hard and played many roles: from a Web Frontend developer & Mobile developer who plays with HTML, CSS, JS, Objective-C, Swift, Java… to a Backend developer with PHP, C#, Java… in hands, from a Hacker guy who loves finding vulnerabilities, exploits servers & applications, becomes to a System administrator, from a single independent Coder to a Team leader who manages his great DevTeam, brings them to the new levels every day.

Outside of work, one of my lovely habits is developing tools for improving my workflow, with new languages, new architectures – it’s usually the way I learnt the new things. If you take a look at my proudly Gitlab/Github repo, I’m sure you will find some funny-and-useful things for you.

Challenge is my breakfast, Leading is my lunch, and Coding is always my dinner (with wine, sometimes). So if you are looking for a guy, who always wants to challenge himself in order to improve his knowledge and skills, who knew his limit and constantly pushing his boundaries to turn the weaknesses into his strengths, then you are looking at the right profile!